Tectonic map of Ukraine

Tectonic map demonstrates various types of tectonic structures of Ukraine, which have a longhistory (over 3,8 billion years). These structures belong to the two main geostructural types of continental bedrock: platform and componential.

The two types of folded basement are distinguished in the platform areas: bedrock and platform cover.

The first type, crystal bedrock, is represented by the Ukrainian shield which includes intensively located metamorphic and intrusive complexes of archeo-peleproterozoy.

The second type, peneplenized epioropogenic zones, which consist of dislocated metamorphosed and non-metamorphosed sediment volcanic formations of refeys-Jurassic (fragments of Western European platform in PreKarpatian, Skiff plate, internal zone of Stry Jurrasic deflection, ryfey-trias (internal zone of Peredbrudzovskiy deflection).

The early cambriy history of Ukrainian shield includes four types of tectonic epochs: Azov-Dnistrov (>3200 mlns of years), Dneper (3200–2800 mlns of years), Saksagan (2800–2050 mlns of years) і klesiv (2050–1600 mlns of years). Saksagan epoch of techtogeneze (a time difference of 2500 mlns of years) can be devided in the early (pobuzskaya) and late (kryvorizskaya).

The folded areas, which frame Eastern European and epipalenozoy platforms with southern west, south and southern east, have been formed during the continuous stages of technogenesis. Donbas (the main phase of folding zaalsakiy) and Pruts ledge of southern Dobrobuzh belong to the folded varycids (hercinids). The area of kymeriy-alpine folding belong to the Mountain area of Crimea (the main tectonic phase latecimmerian) and its eastern hidden extension at the Kerch peninsula (the main phases of folding are laramiy and shtyr). Ukrainian Carpathian mountains belong to the group of alpiids, which gained the current look of complex cover structure in the middle miocen (Carpathian phase of folding).

Volcanism in frames of Mountain Crimea corresponds the active area geo-dynamical regime, which appeared at the same period as did the Carpathian folding under the conditions of island band geodynamical activity.

The current map was done on the basis of “Tectonic map of Ukraine scale 1:2 500 000” Geodynamical map of Ukraine scale 1:1 000 000 (chief editor L.Galetskiy, the deputy chief editor V.Pastukhov, year of publishing 1993) and “Techtonic map of Ukraine” scale 1:1 000 000 (chief editors S.Kruglov and D.Gurskiy, year of publishing 2007). The feasibility of the project legend of the tectonic map (developed jointly with “Vsegei”, Russian Federation), provided the opportunity to keep the benefits of both maps in demonstrating the basic tectonic structures and its main elements. The last comments relates to the Volyn-Azov plate, Dnipro-Donetsk, Southern Dobrudj, Pereddobruj fold.

Authors and Istitutions

Tectonic map (scale 1:2 500 000), and also a brief information note was composed by an employee of Ukrainian State Geological Research Institute V.Klochkov, edition and publication at the portal was done by O.Likhosherstov, Y.Veklich, O.Shevchenko.


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