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Veklych Yu. M. Geoeolian morpho-lithogenesis and methodological aspects of its research. – Kyiv: UkrSGRI, 2018. – 253 p.


The monograph consists of two parts. The first part reveals a new view on the formation of the Quaternary cover in Ukraine and in general (mainly subaerial facies), as well as on the origin of the loess. The existence of an unexplored geoeolian (afflation-deflation) factor that is based on the properties of various parts of the Earth’s surface  of attract or repulsion atmospheric dust. A clear example of areas with a predominance of settling-accumulation of dust during the Pleistocene is the territory with loess-soil cover of the central and southern regions of Ukraine. Whereas in the north (in sandy Polissya) during the Quaternary, the conditions of removal (deflation) from the surface of the dust-like particles prevailed.

The spatial and “temporary” patterns of changes in of this factor are revealed. Attention is focused on the fact that it is the sequence of changes in sign and intensity of the mentioned factor of each site that determine its stratigraphic (climatostratigraphic) completeness and lithological composition of the Quaternary cover. The electrostatic origin of the geoeolian factor, as well as its physical, atmospheric, geological, geographic and other aspects, as well as its relation to neotectonic processes are considered and substantiated.

The described model of global geoeolian morpho-lithogenesis, where the territories of accumulation and deflation of atmospheric dust are the sides of a single process. Other paleogeographic (geological) factors also in detail considered, with attention paid to on the impossibility of recognizing any of them as the basis for all geoeolian phenomena.

The second part briefly introduces the methodological and methodological foundations, thanks to which it was possible to obtain the results of the research of the phenomenon of geoeolian morpho-lithogenesis.

Also considered are the following basic methodological aspects which worked out by M. F. Veklych and his associates and followers: Stages (paleogeographic), Documentary Approach, Neotectogenesis and the “Paleogeographical Stages and detailed Stratigraphy of the Late (Upper) Cenozoic of Ukraine” (table).

Part of the methodological foundations, in particular the Neotectogenesis and some other aspects, are developed by the author and published for the first time.

The monograph is intended for geologists-practitioners, paleogeographers, geophysicists, climatologists, hydrogeologists, researchers of different fields of Earth sciences, students of higher educational institutions of the relevant scientific fields, as well as all inquisitive people interested in natural science, a general laws of Nature and its of Development.

Reviewers: Doctor of Geological Sciences, Chairman of the Editorial Board of the Derzhgeonadr of Ukraine, Leading Researcher at the UkrSGRI N. N. Kostenko, and Senior Researcher at the Institute of Geological Sciences of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Candidate of Geographical Sciences A. M. Karpenko.

Approved for publication by the Academic Council of the Ukrainian Geological Prospecting Institute (UkrGGRI).

ISBN 978-966-7896-80-5