The map of geological landmarks of Ukraine

People all over the world demonstrate understanding of preservation of natural phenomena, which allow understanding and decoding the Earth history. Relevant landmarks are being explored preserved, and protected. In Ukraine, the study of geological landmarks also has its history. Creation, compilation, analysis of the geological landmarks database of Ukraine became one of the main activities in UkrSGRI. Currently the database consists of 642 objects, which constitute value and are of interest in terms of geological heritage of Ukraine. All of the objects are described according their shape, based on the international standards, classified and mapped on electronic maps with the help of information systems.

The map of geological landmarks demonstrates all interesting natural objects of Ukraine, which are included in the database created by UkrSGRI. The map constitutes the layer of point objects, which are visualized on the electronic map of a digital SRTM.

All objects have fixed geographical joints and coordinates, which makes it easy to locate them. Geological landmarks are described according their specific shape based on international standards, classified and depicted with special symbols, which show their nature and type. For the user convenience, the landmarks are grouped based on their location into 25 regions, according to the number of regional centres of Ukraine.

When selecting a specific region, a map is centred at the selection area, and is gradually zooming in (currently, zooming function is available at the Western regions of Ukraine, but eventually all of the regions will be added).

Every region has a function enabled to view all information relevant to geological landmarks, including the object name, its geological location, type and abbreviation description. Western regions contain the tool to review complete information about the object, by pressing the “Open” on the information block. The html-page appears, which contains information, photos, geographical coordinates, complete description, and scientific information, also visualization on google map, coordinates and possible accessibility routes. The user may print out the page and take a copy to the trip.

It is planned that professional geologists, will be able to open the coordinates of the landmarks on the geological, tectonic and topography map of Ukraine scale 1:1 000 000.

All of the maps have been developed based on GIS. They are readable and well-scaled, have their own legend. The basis for the geological landmark map of Ukraine, was the topic “Monitoring of geological monuments of Ukraine” opening back in 2005, when the database compilation has started.

Authors and organizations

“Map of geological landmarks of Ukraine” (scale 1:1 000 000), as well as the database compilation has been completed by the employees of Ukrainian State Geological Research Institution, O.Pilipchuk and S.Klochkov; editing and publication was done by O.Likhosherstov and O.Pilipchuk.


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