Geological map of Ukraine

Geological map demonstrates the geological structure of Ukraine including quarterly deposits. Geological structure of Ukraine is characterized by presence of various geological components, which are the result of a complex and continuous (over 3,8 billions) history of geological development. The geological map shows that these structures belong to the two main types of geological continental crust – platform and folded regions.

Cristal bedrock is identifiable at the borders of the platforms. It consists of metamorphic complexes and complexes of intrusive structures (structure of Eastern-european platform), ryfeysko-early paleozoy layers (fragments Western European platform in the Carpathians) and metamorphic formations and none-metaphoric formations of Ryfey-Jurassic age (Scythian plate) and platform cover formed by volcanic and sedimentary layer with the capacity of 0-300 m (Ukrainian shield) to 10-15 km (Dnieper-Donetsk Basin, Lviv, Pereddobrudzkyy, Karkinitsky-Pivnichnokrymskyy, Indol-Kuban et al. deflections).

Folded areas that frame the structure of the East European and epi-paleozoy platforms at the southwest, south and south-east Ukraine have been formed over extended period of time through sedimentation and structure formation. The folded gercinid belongs Donbass area (the main phase of folding is Zaalska) and Prut ledge of Southern Dobrogea, the formation which underwent metamorphism and folding in Brittany phase and re–fold moving deformation due late Cimmerian tectonogenesis. The area of Cimmerian – Alpine folding includes Crimean Mountains (the main tectonic phase late – Cimmerian) and its eastern continuation at the Kerch Peninsula (main phase of folding laramiyska and shtyriyska). The alpids include Ukrainian Carpathians, which gained the current look of a folded complex integumentary structure in the middle Miocene (Carpathian phase).

Authors and Institutions

The geological map, as well as the brief information note was composed by the employees of Ukrainian State Geological Research Institute V. Velikanov, G.Pedanuik, editing and publication at the web-site has been done by O. Likhosherstov, Y. Veklich, O. Shevchenko.

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