Geology of oil and gas

  • Scientific foundation and drafting perspective plans of geological prospecting works on oil and gas.
  • Quantitative assessment of hydrocarbon resource potential.
  • Complex stratigraphic, lithological, mineralogical & geochemical, facies-paleogeographical researches.
  • Analysis of the exploration effectiveness, geological and economic assessment of promising objects, determining the detection profitability, exploration and development of hydrocarbon deposits.
  • Oil and gas prediction in traps of various types.
  • Development and implementation of advanced technologies and technical means of revelation, development and intensification of oil and gas reservoirs in exploration wells.
  • Comprehensive study of gas condensate systems
  • Environmental protection measures development during the process of construction of oil and gas wells.
  • Monitoring and scientific support of subsurface use of the geological study objects and extraction of oil and gas.