Metrological examination of geological documentation

Ukrainian State Geological Research Institute is a specialized state geological enterprise, which belongs to the management field of the State Service of Geology and Mineral Resources of Ukraineand is, authorized and has a right to conduct metrological examination of reports, projects and other types of documentation that requires scientific, methodological and metrological support.

Metrological examination (ME) – is a part of a working set on metrological support, which can be a part of the technical examination of normative, engineering, technological and construction documentation. Metrological examination of geological documentation is one of the types of metrological control, the organization process of which belongs to the competence of the metrological service (MS) of the State Service of Geology and Mineral Resources of Ukraineof, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine.

In accordance with the Law of Ukraine on Metrology and Metrological Activity, the analysis and evaluation of technical solutions in the field of metrological support is being done (this could be technical solutions regarding the selection of measured parameters, setting requirements for measurement accuracy or choosing methods and measurement means and their metrological maintenance etc.).

During the metrological examination the erroneous or insufficiently substantiated decisions are determined and are elaborated the most rational solutions on specific issues of metrological support.

The general purpose of metrological examination is to provide effective metrological support, implementation of general and specific requirements to it by using the most rational methods and means.

The specific aims of the metrological examination are determined by the purpose and content of provided documentation.

Legislative base
1. Law of Ukraine “On Basic Principles of State Supervision”.
2. Law of Ukraine “On Metrology and Metrological Activity”.
3. Law of Ukraine “On Scientific and Technical Expertise”.
4. Law of Ukraine “On Standardization”.
5. Disposition on the State Service of Geology and Mineral Resources of Ukraine, approved by the President’s decree dated 06.04.2011 № 391.
6. The Government regulation from 06.01.2010 N 9 “On criteria approval for the risk level estimation from economic activity in the field of metrology and the determination of frequency of planned measures of state metrological supervision .”
7. “Methodological recommendations regarding the rules approval of technical operations, projects and plans of the mineral deposits development and processing of mineral resources”, approved by an order of the State Service of Geology and Mineral Resources of Ukraine dated 22.02.2013 № 96.
8. State standard of Ukraine (SSU) 2708: 2006 Metrology. Measuring equipment Calibration. Organization and the procedure.
9. State standard of Ukraine (SSU) 3215-95 Metrology. Metrological certification of measuring equipment. Organization and procedure.
10. State standard of Ukraine (SSU) 4068-2002 Documentation. Report on the subsurface geological study. General requirements to structure, issuance and content.

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