Environmental Impact Assessment

The protection of the environment, the rational use of natural resources, ensuring environmental safety of human life – all of that is an essential condition for sustainable economic and social development. Taking this as a goal, Ukraine pursues an environmental policy aimed at preserving a safe natural environment, protecting the life and health from the negative impact caused by environmental pollution. It also takes rational use and reproduction of natural resources.

On December 18, 2017, the Law of Ukraine «On environmental impact assessment», has been implemented. This Law establishes the legal and organizational basis for environmental impact assessment aimed at ensuring environmental safety, environmental protection, rational use and reproduction of natural resources. This Law introduces a new European model of the environmental impact assessment procedure instead of the environmental assessment which was provided for by the Law «On environmental assessment» and which has lost its force.

Environmental impact assessment is a procedure before the start of the planned economic activity. It provides for the preparation by business entities, public authorities and local government of an environmental impact assessment report, conducting a public discussion, analyzing the information provided in the report and providing a resolution on the environmental impact assessment to the authorized body.

In accordance with the requirements of the Law, the business entities must obtain a conclusion on environmental impact assessment that is obligatory.
UKRAINIAN STATE GEOLOGICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE (UkrSGRI) (THE STATE ENTERPRISE) offers services in the development and formation of report on the environmental impact assessment of the planned activities of the enterprise.
UkrSGRI has an extensive experience in the field of ecology and environmental protection.
Specialists of the Department of ecological and geological research conduct researches to orders of the State Service of Geology and Mineral Resources of Ukraine for many years. They are engaged in the development of methods and standards in the sphere of hydrogeology and ecology that are close to European standards.

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