A new issue of the journal “Mineral Resources of Ukraine” has been published.

“Mineral Resources of Ukraine” 2020, № 3.

{Title, contents} 2

  • O. Lysenko, R. Kolotiievskyi, A. Stankin {Geological exploration and industrial development of the Bilozerskyi iron ore region} 3-12
  • M. Zinchuk {Typomorphic features of diamonds from ancient sedimentary thick layers of platforms’ central parts} 13-19
  • V. Bezvynnyi, M. Kostenko {On the specification of the chronostratigraphic scheme of the Buzko-Rosynskyi block of the Ukrainian Shield} 20-23
  • D. Khrushchov, V. Goncharov, V. Makogon, A. Loktiev {Methodology of information support of studies and works on different-scale forecasting oil and gas fields} 24-32
  • Yu. Voitenko {Synergetic nature of oil and gas reservoir behavior and its influence on the efficiency of opening and increase well productivity} 33-36
  • H. Rudko, Ye. Yakovlev {Post-mining of the Ukraine’s mining regions as a new direction for the environmentally safe use of mineral resources} 37-44
  • М. Antoshchenko, V. Tarasov, О. Zakharova, Ye. Zubtsov {Research of vitrinite and fusinite coals for predicting geological hazards in coal seams} 45-49
  • {In the blessed memory of Sergii Kulyk} 50-51

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