The comprehensive physicochemical studies of coal, wastes of coal enrichment, and coal-bearing rocks are successfully conducted in USGRI’s laboratories with the aim to determine coal’s tendency to spontaneous combustion.

Coal’s tendency to spontaneous combustion is established in the zones of geological disturbances of coal-seams and on the basis of gotten results, the appropriate measures are developed, considering the recommendations (aimed to prevent endogenous fires) of a specialized sectoral institute or an authorized organization.

Coal’s spontaneous combustion is a process of temperature rising in the rock massif with the subsequent combustion of coal and coal-bearing rocks, which can occur in the mine workings and dump pits. From a physical point of view, this is a process of chemical system’s transition from a low-temperature state to combustion state, due to the temperature rising in the system itself without heat inflow into it from the outside.

Among the main data needed for the coal’s tendency to spontaneous combustion estimation are the rate constant of oxygen sorption by coal and the critical temperature of spontaneous combustion, which are establishing as a result of chromatographic studies. The list of studies aimed to determine physico-chemical characteristics of coal includes the estimation of density, humidity, ash content, outputs of volatile substances, etc. which are carried out according to standard methods.

In the end we get a set of physico-chemical parameters of coal and its associated rocks, which allows to establish their tendency to spontaneous combustion. On the basis of the received data and according to the Fire code for the enterprises of Ukraine’s coal industry, according to the

Instruction as regards prevention of spontaneous combustion, extinguishing and dismantling of waste heaps, the recommendations for rock ignition processes development prevention are drafted.

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