The Ukrainian State Geological Research Institute (USGRI) conducts expert assessment of oil and gas prognostic resources (exploration results) as well as prospective and prognostic resources which are localized within the local facilities of the Western, Southern and Eastern oil and gas regions of Ukraine.

Prospective resources of oil and gas are estimated volumes of oil and gas in areas prepared for deep drilling, which are located within the oil and gas areas, as well as in undiscovered layers of exploration fields, which are in exploration process at the moment and the productivity of which is identified on the basis of data collected in other district’s fields. According to the perspective and prognostic resources’ classification of oil and combustible gases , the perspective ones belong to category – Inferred (class 333) and the prognostic ones tp the Prospecting results (class 334).

Prognostic resources of oil and gas are estimated within large regions – oil and gas provinces, water areas, districts, areas, or at the objects revealed by seismic prospecting. Depending on the validity, they are divided into two categories: Prospecting results and Hypothetical resources (classes 334 and 335).

Prognostic resources of category “Prospecting results” are estimated within large regional structures with the proven industrial oil and gas potential.

Prognostic resources of category “Hypothetical resources ” are estimated within large regional structures, the industrial oil and gas potential of which has not been proved yet .

Together hydrocarbon’s prospective and prognostic resources form “Undiscovered” hydrocarbon resources, which generally circumscribe promising areas for oil and gas exploration and the ways of oil and gas prognostication.

The institute provides services in determining the resource base of hydrocarbons. Among the regular clients are the largest geophysical enterprises of Ukraine, such as “Ukrgeofizika”, LLC “Vikoil LTD”, SOE “Naukanaftogaz”, “Naftogaz of Ukraine” etc.

Expert assessment of oil and gas resources done by the USGRI’s specialists is a guarantee of an objective and scientifically substantiated conclusion on the hydrocarbons’ quantitative assessment and prognostication of sediments’ and crystalline basement’ oil and gas potential within the perspective areas, sites and zones where oil and gas accumulate.