The most expected e-auction for the last 10 years is coming soon! The electronic tender for obtaining a special permit for geological study including research development with the further extraction of gas, oil and condensate on Budyshchansko-Chutivska site will take place on August 31.

Within the Budyschansko-Chutivska site THERE HAVE ALREADY BEEN OPENED 3 DEPOSITS:

  • Academician Shpak’s field – there were calculated 2730 thousand tons of Indicated oil reserves , 2006 thousand tons of Prospective ones and Prospective gas resources of amount 1640 million m3 of gas;
  • Runovshynske field – with 507 million m3 of free gas Indicated reserves and 483 million m3 of Prospective ones;
  • Runovshynske Eastern field – with 349 million m3 of free gas Indicated reserves. Research development hasn’t been done.

Among the structures prepared for prospect drilling are:

  • Chutivska Western one – which contains gas resources of amount 14.253 billion m3 (class 333);
  • Gavrilkivska Western one – which contains gas resources of amount 0.972 billion m3 (class 333);
  • Runovshynska Western one – which contains gas resources of amount 3.239 billion m3 (class 333).The total estimated amount of reserves and resources is OVER 26 million tons of equivalent fuel!

The leading scientific institution of Ukraine – the Ukrainian State Geological Research Institute (USGRI) has the maximum amount of geological and geophysical information about the geological structure of the area, the results of well-drilling etc. USGRI’s highly professional team guarantees the geological analysis’ performance regarding the prospects of Budyschansko-Chutivska site oil and gas potential in undertime and at the highest quality level!

To discuss technical issues and enter into an agreement, please contact the following contacts:

Karlenko Fllia Serhiiovych – departmental head,
tel. (044)- 426-92-04 050-445-24-66