Today, the Ukrainian State Geological Research Institute (USGRI) has a laboratory base aimed to a comprehensive study of reservoir rocks in order to determine the parameters required for objective accounting of total and extractive hydrocarbon reserves.

The following properties are determined by studing the kern samples:

  • cation exchange capacity, carbonate content;
  • open and effective porosity, volume and mineralogical density;
  • absolute and effective permeability;
  • phase permeability;
  • volume and residual water saturation;
  • wettability;
  • mineralization and chemical composition of pore waters;
  • specific electrical resistivity of the rock (SER), SER at 100% saturation;
  • speed of elastic waves expansion;
  • magnetic favourableness;
  • dielectric permeability.

According to the results of research we are doing the calculation of relative permeability and critical water saturation, calculation and construction of capillary pressure curves and histograms of pore size distribution.
Using the specially prepared slices we determine the composition of rocks with help of an electron microscope.

The institute’s laboratories determine the physico-chemical properties of coal (specific gravity (weight), humidity, ash content, volatile matter output, activation energy values, fragmentation) and evaluate its tendency to spontaneous combustion.

The state of the environment in the process of construction and operation of wells is also monitored.

The equipment is in working order, and the analytical research department has been accredited.
And also, the laboratory has equipment for sample preparation (grinding, abrasion, sifting).

For more detailed technical information contact:
Kochetkov Serhii Ivanovych – departmental head,

On the contract execution, please contact:

Karlenko Ilya – departmental head,
phone number/fax: +380 (44) 426-92-04,
+380 (50) 445-24-66
04114, Kyiv, Avtozavodska street, 78a.