In April of this year, Andrii Loktiev, a candidate of geological sciences, was appointed Acting Director of the Ukrainian State Geological Research Institute and he had to implement new reforms immediately .

The Ukrainian State Geological Research Institute (USGRI) has many years of experience in supporting geological exploration works during the search for hydrocarbons, ore and non-ore minerals, coal, groundwater; in scientific support of regional exploration works; in research on the development of mineral processing technologies; in geological, geological and economic research, etc.

Among the top priority steps of Andrii Loktiev are:
• establishing of a long-term cooperation with subsurface users, providing scientific analytics at the highest level in contractual basis;
• close and creative cooperation with the State Service of Geology and Mineral Resources of Ukraine aimed for increasing the level of transparency and facilitating access of all stakeholders to primary geological information;
• cost optimization and preparation of nonspecialized assets (administrative premises that have been empty for decades) for privatization;
• reorganization of the Institute’s structure;
• staff reinforcement;
• international cooperation.

USGRI is among the list of state organizations that are subordinated to the State Service of Geology and Mineral Resources of Ukraine.
The main Institute’s components are the following departments:
• Department of Oil and Gas Exploration;
• Department of Geology of ore and non-ore minerals;
• Department of Geological Mapping;
• Department of Hydrogeological, ecological & geological research;
• Department of scientific support organization;
• Department of Innovative Technologies;
• Department of geological and economic assessment and reserves calculation.

In particular, we should draw attention to the activities of the Oil and Gas Exploration Department headed by Doctor of Geological Sciences, Academician of the NAS of Ukraine Lukin Oleksandr Yukhymovych. The department is located in Chernihiv and prepares geological information packages for getting oil and gas special permits, which in recent years have been put on for online auctions by the State Service of Geology and Mineral Resources of Ukraine.

In addition, the department’s specialists may provide additional detailed geological analytics of oil and gas licensed areas, based on analytical geological information which has been accumulated since 60-70’s till now, in other words – provide the so-called “second opinion” when subsurface users have questions about the further activities at the deposit field.

Another important project on which the Oil and Gas Exploration Department is working on together with the Department of Geological Mapping is “The Oil and Gas Perspective objects Fund”, which is annually updated and published as a package of information formed by a set of maps about the Fund’s oil and gas prospect objects in all regions of Ukraine. The maps of oil and gas prospective objects clearly illustrate the current state of the state’s licensing policy concerning the oil and gas industry and demonstrate an effective and unallocated fund of the mentioned objects. These maps are made in PDF and ARCGIS formats. They show the deposits of each of region, the contours of licensed areas and areas of the PSA, as well as zoning by the number of residual reserves and resources, the so-called reserves density map. The package also includes a structural map along the main reflective horizon of the Dnieper-Donetsk depression.

This allows the investor to assess the site’s prospects more accurately before he passes a decision to purchase a special permit, or before he makes plans of more detailed deposit development. It should be noted that separately, our organization has prepared a set of 29 geological maps which cover all aspects of oil and gas potential of different oil and gas Ukraine’s regions. These are, in particular, maps of the main structural surfaces’ seam roofs, distribution maps of reservoirs, thickness of productive complexes, reservoir pressures distribution, paleogeographic maps and others.

All maps are available in ArcGIS digital format. One of these maps will be published exclusively in the next issue of Expro Monthly. The USGRI’s experts, namely the Department of Geological Mapping, recently has presented the development of a geoinformation system that contains digitized primary geological information and the results of geophysical research in wells conducted before 2000, which is more than 350 thousand scanned copies of at least 11 thousand wells.

Currently, the system works in-house and needs testing. The test period will last several months, after what it is planned to brought it online for free use as a basis for the repository of geological information, which at the moment is being implemented by the State Service of Geology and Mineral Resources of Ukraine. The proposed IT solution is actually a prototype of an online data-room. Currently, the service has pipeline maps, deposit field maps, including structural maps and geological sections, oil and gas prospective structures, well location maps, well test data, petrophysical research, logging complexes and other primary geological information owned by the state.

We should mention that among the important innovations there is also an updating of services list for subsurface users. In particular, the cost of works was openly published on the organization’s website. This list was replenished by new services, for example the environmental impact assessment (EIA) procedure, preparation of a documents’ package and its preliminary processing in accordance with the procedure of getting special permits, preparation of proposals regarding the extention of existing licenses’ limits.

USGRI also introduced an English version of the official website, as well as launched a Facebook page of the organization and the journal “Mineral Resources of Ukraine” https:, which is registered in the international scientometric databases and is a leading professional publication in the geological field of Ukraine.