UkrSGRI is the organizer of participation of geologists of Ukraine in the 36th International geological Congress (IGC) including enterprises of the State service of Geology and subsoil of Ukraine.

International geological Congress is the highest Congress of geologists, which is held in different countries of the world since 1878.

The next 36th International geological Congress and GEOEXPO-2020 will be held from 2 to 8 of March 2020 in Delhi (India), the country of ancient civilizations and culture, in one of the largest and most modern centers of India – Expo Center & Mart India.

The motto of IGC-36 is “Geosciences: fundamental science for a sustainable future”. Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are also co-hosting the event with India.

Key date:

October 31, 2019: completion of abstract submission

October 31, 2019: completion of tour bookings

November 30, 2019: completion of early registration

January 31, 2020: completion of standard registration

March 2, 2020: start of on-site registration

The scientific program of IGC-36 consists of 45 topics and 287 symposia, which include more than 3,000 reports and 2,000 presentations using electronic posters.

Each report is given 15 minutes (including its discussion), the main speaker has 30 minutes. A Rapporteur may present only one speech in person, but may co-author several reports.

The working language of the Congress is English.

More than 50 geological excursions are planned for the participants of the Congress, most of which will be held in India, and some in Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The description of field geological excursions is given in the III circular.

Details of the work program of the IGC-36, names of the coordinators of themes and topics of the symposia can be found on the website of IGC-36:

or email us:

We look forward to your participation in the big event in the world of Geosciences-the 36th International geological Congress!