Міністр енергетики та захисту довкілля Олексій ОржельNewly appointed Minister of energy and environment Olexy Orzhel commented on how the merger of ministries will take place and explained the priorities of the newly created Ministry, according to the Government portal.

«The main purpose of the merger of two Ministries is to provide a comprehensive approach to state policy in the field of natural resources and energy and the formation of an unified state policy to overcome the negative consequences of global climate change.

This approach is now generally recognized in European and world practice, in particular in such EU countries as France, Denmark, Greece, Portugal and Australia», – comments Olexy Orzhel.

The Minister payed attention that the means of overcoming energy poverty are economic growth and energy efficiency, and the government program has plans to increase the volume of renewable energy, increase the production of its own energy.

«We support the development of renewable energy sources in terms of investment and reducing the harmful influence on the environment. We need to understand what kind of energy losses occur in the process of consumption and therefore create a comprehensive state program of maximum energy and environmental efficiency. For my Ministry, economic growth is a priority with focus on energy efficiency at the infrastructure level. This is the way to overcome energy poverty», – said Olexy Orzhel.

The Minister also spoke about future gas supplies to the territory of Ukraine from Poland, in particular from the Baltic sea terminals receiving liquefied gas.

“We had an agreement with the Polish side to ensure the possibility of the Interconnector, as well as carrying out all the necessary work for this on both sides. The next work will be carried out at the level of expert groups. If the Interconnector starts functioning, we carefully estimate the volume of gas supply to Ukraine within 1 billion cubic meters. However, despite the plans of Poland to increase the capacity of the terminal in SWOT and terminal construction in Gdansk, in the near future we can expect a significant increase in the volume of gas that can be offered on the market of Ukraine from Poland, which in turn will ensure full utilization of transit capacity,” – said the Minister of energy and protection of the environment.

Recall that according to CMU resolution No. 829 of September 02, 2019, the Ministry of ecology and natural resources was renamed the Ministry of energy and environmental protection of Ukraine. And the Ministry of energy and coal industry, in turn, is reorganized by joining the Ministry of energy and environmental protection.

Also according to the decree, the Ministry of energy and the environmental protection of Ukraine is the legal successor of assets, rights and obligations of the Ministry of energy and coal industry (para 6, 7 of the resolution).

Within a week, the Ministry of justice must submit a draft act on the establishment of a Commission for the reorganization of the Ministry of energy and coal industry. And the Minister of energy and environmental protection within 10 days should prepare and submit to the Cabinet of Ministers a draft regulation on the Ministry of energy and environmental protection of Ukraine and proposals for amendments to the relevant legislative acts.