The ministry of natural resources released a report on the main results for the period.

The Cabinet of Ministers adopted four resolutions in the sphere of subsoil – from 25.04.18 № 333, from 17.10.18 № 848, from 19.09.18 № 764, from 07.11.18 № 939.

Also, recording to the report, the Ministry of natural resources has prepared draft decisions on a new mechanism for calculating the cost of permits, it is also testing the electronic system «The Cabinet of subsoil user» in in cooperation with International partners, approved a Roadmap for auctions and tenders for the sale of special permits for the extraction of hydrocarbons. In the autumn of this year EU project «Development of a new code of Ukraine on subsoil» is expected to start.

Adopted resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine:

* A payment for a period of validity of special permits for subsoil use was cancelled.

* The dishonest ways to get special permits for oil and gas subsoil without auction procedure.

* A special transition period for subsoil users to comply with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine on environmental «on environmental impact assessment».

* The presence of tax debts is excluded from the list of grounds for refusal to extend the validity of the permit and make changes to it.

* The procedure for coordination with local authorities of subsoil plots, permits for the use of which are put up for auctions (including on the territory of the continental shelf and the exclusive (marine) economic zone) has been simplified.

From 07.11.2018 №939, which approved a new procedure for the disposal of geological information, that greatly liberalizes the legal relations in this sphere by:

* Openness and availability of information that belongs to the state (the priority way is complete digitalization of all the geological information).

* Clear definition of components of geological information (primary or secondary).

* Reduction of excessive regulatory burden on business entities in the disposal of geological information.

* Avoiding risks of losing of geological information.

* Creating a public catalog of geological information and a state repository of geological information and stone materials.

Draft decisions of the Government have been prepared:

* A new mechanism of calculating the cost of permits through the establishment of stable calculation coefficients is approved, which will make this process simple for each subsoil user.

* The elimination of the monopoly in the field of expertise and evaluation of mineral reserves is envisaged.

The electronic system «subsoil user`s office» has been developed together with international partners and the full launch is going to be by the end of 2019.