The resolution of Geoforum-2019 (Ukrainian)*.pdf МРУ-01-2019

UkrSGRI organized and held «Actual problems and prospects of the development of geology: science and production (Geoforum-2019)» the Sixth International geological forum in Odessa with the support of the State service of Geology and subsoil.

The goal of the Geoforum-2019 included:
* Review of the scientific recommendations, aimed at maximizing Ukraine`s own mineral raw materials on the basis of compliance with the principle of sustainable development;
* Exchange of experience in geological study and usage of subsoil;
* Discussion about the actual problems of Geology and usage of subsoil;
* Establishing cooperation of scientists, manufacturers and subsoil users of all forms of ownership;
* Consolidation of efforts of science and production organizations in the priority areas of activity and reforming of the geological industry.

Geoforum-2019 considered a lot of questions, including
1. Necessity in creating the State Storage of geological information and stone material.
2. Foreground areas of development and recovery of Ukrainian mineral resources base (hydrocarbons, metallic and non-metallic minerals, subterranean waters).
3. Condition and prospects of regional geological and ecological researchers of the territory of Ukraine.
4. The newest geological and geophysical searching and prospection technologies for mineral deposits.
5. Geological and economical assessment of mineral deposits as a controller of optimal use of mineral resources.
6. Legislative and regulatory framework of subsoil use.
7. Prospects of saving Ukrainian geological attractions.

Geoforum-2019 took:
1. Note the need to intensify the work on creating the State Storage of geological information and stone material and provision its priority financing.
2. Make the Ministry of Nature of Ukraine and the State service of Geology and subsoil pay attention on the bad financing state geological enterprises.
3. Recommend the State service of Geology and subsoil to approve a list of priority areas of geological exploration works that are of strategic and social importance, taking into account the experience of Geology services of European countries and provide its priority and uninterrupted financing from the State budget.
4. Speed up the work on improvement of legislative and regulatory and methodological support of subsoil use.
5. Develop measures to expand sources of financing through the introduction of target rates of deductions for the restoration of the mineral resources base, attracting investors and local budgets.
6. Consider it appropriate to conduct continuous monitoring of the resources base, revaluation of mineral reserves and making appropriate changes to the State balance sheets of minerals.
7. Consider it necessary to deepen research prospects of Ukraine for the production of unconventional hydrocarbons through the organization of a pilot research project drilling exploration wells for unconventional hydrocarbons with the involvement of investors.
8. Prepare the monography «The modern view on hydrogeological zoning of the territory of Ukraine» to publishing.
9. Create the public organization for the saving of geological heritage, especially geological attractives of Ukraine.
10. Prepare and hold the Geoforum-2020 in 2020.
11. Entrust the UkrSGRI to prepare some information about the results of Geoforum-2019 and place it on the official website of the State service of Geology and subsoil and publish the best reports in professional editions «Mineral resources of Ukraine» and «Collection of proceedings of UkrSGRI».