Cooperation between the Ukrainian State Geological Research Institute and the College of geological exploration technologies of Taras Shevchenko national University of Kyiv in the field of student practical training at the Institute has become a good tradition.

According to the Director of UkrSGRI Sergiy Hoshovsky reports to ensure quality training of modern specialists of the geological industry is possible only in close connection with contemporary practice. The student becomes a real specialist only in the workplace, and love the chosen specialty begins only in the field, in the circle of passionate about their profession and the work of senior colleagues and mentors.

The UkrSGRI pay great attention to the training of young specialists, those who tomorrow will occupy key vacancies in UkrSGRI, in particular, and in Geology in General.

In May, the students interned under the guidance of the head of the Department of innovative technologies of UkrSGRI Olexiy Zurian. The head of the practice developed a training programme, organized classes and consultations for students-trainees in accordance with the programme of practical training, facilitated meetings with leading specialists and scientists of the Institute.

Students had the opportunity to learn about the major milestones of the history of the institution, structure and activities of UkrSGRI. They visited the Mineralogical Museum of UkrSGRI, with exhibits  introduced by leading specialist of UkrSGRI, geophysicist Tatyana Kolesnik.

With delight future young specialists performed practical work to determine the chemical composition of samples in the laboratory of petrophysical studies. The first steps as a researcher helped to make a leading engineer-geologist Olexandr Kovtun.

In laboratory of geophysical technique, the trainees were familiarized with the methodology and technique of research of the geophysical instruments and equipment, which is developed in UkrSGRI. Advanced knowledge and skills in mastering the geophysical technique showed technician-geophysicist Kyrylo Zhezhuk.

Geophysicist engineer Olexandr Shadura conducted classes with future geophysicists on the principles and possibilities of functioning of the hardware-software complex INPRES and FOCUS (Paradigm Geophysical) for integrated interpretation of 2D, 3D seismic data, taking into account GIS materials and General geological information. In addition, the trainees consolidated the knowledge gained in the College on the visualization of seismic materials using the software Sies-View.

Students also got acquainted with the earth remote sensing systems. Gained practical skills in the use of open source software SNAP, access to systems of space monitoring of the Earth’s surface Copernycus Hab and executed to fill the database.

As a result of practical training, students mastered theoretical and practical skills, gained the ability to independently solve their scientific and practical tasks, gained experience in modern laboratory equipment, secured in practice modern methods and techniques of processing and interpretation of geophysical information on the computer, collected geological and geophysical materials for writing a report.