On April 9, 2019, a seminar on the topic: “Review of the resource potential of hydrocarbon raw materials on subsoil plots proposed for the tender for the conclusion of an agreement on the distribution of hydrocarbons” for interested subsoil users. These acreages are defined according to the resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on conducting the respective contest from December 18, 2018: of Varvinsk, Ichnia, Berest, Sophiivska, Okhtyrsk, Balakleya, Busivsk, Grunivsk, Zinkivsk, Ugnivsk, Rusanivsk, Ivanivsk, which are located in the Eastern and Western oil and gas bearing regions of Ukraine.

In all the subsoil areas defined by the Resolution, subsoil users received consulting services taking into account the geological structure, characteristics of oil and gas potential with the inspection of hydrocarbon deposits and promising structures that are included in the Unallocated Fund of oil and gas prospective facilities of the State Service of Geology and subsoil of Ukraine. The hydrocarbon resource base of subsoil plots was outlined and its prospects in terms of new oil and gas deposits were assessed, as well as an overview of the well stock within the subsoil plots was presented.

The seminar was attended by representatives of state enterprises and a number of commercial structures. They received comprehensive answers to questions during the discussion of promising subsoil plots. The seminar was held in a friendly atmosphere.

In the preparation and conduct of the seminar took an active part:

the chief geologist KTS UkrSGRI T. M. Prigarin, sector head of forecasting and evaluation of petroleum potential of UkrSGRI, G. G., Goncharov, Institute staff: M. Shaldybin, V. Pupov, A. Pilipenko, O. Kamak,. A. Zubakova.