The Yury Veklich`s monograph named “Geoaeolian mortho-lithogenesis and methodological aspects of its study” was published by UkrSGRI.

T h e    r e v i e w e r s    a r e :
M. M. Kostenko, doctor of Geology, chairman of the scientific editorial Board of The state geological suboil of Ukraine;
A. M. Karpenko, doctor of Geography, IGS NAS of Ukraine.

The monograph is devoted to the unexplored subareal factor of sedimentogenesis and morpholithogenesis, the valueof which was commensurate for the development of the Earth with the tectonic factor. And it is generally decisive for the continental sediments and formations. In particular, it determines the division of the Quaternary cover of the territory of Ukraine and others on the loess (with accumulation of atmospheric dust during the Pleistocene), and Polissian regions  (non-loess, so-called “sandy” regions)

Head of publishing Department – S. O. Nekrasova, technical editor and desktop publisher – S. V. Vyshnitskaliterary editor and proofresder Ya. I. Voznyuk.
The certificate of the subject of publishing  № 182 from 18.09.2000
Editorial address: UkrSGRI publishing center
04114, Kyiv, Avtozavodska str., 78A
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