On December 20, 2018, a four-party agreement on cooperation in the development of innovative technologies between scientific institutions and commercial enterprises of China and the Ukrainian state geological research Institute was signed by the Ministry of science and technology of China.

This event was the result of long preliminary negotiations over the past few years, as well as consultations, which were held in China during personal meetings of the Director of UkrSGRI Sergiy Goshovsky and the leadership of the relevant institutions of China.

Representatives of the four institutions were received in the Ministry by the Deputy Minister and head of the Department of science and technology Professor Zhong Chen.

The importance of the event lies in the fact that the scheduled work plan between the Ukrainian state geological research Institute, the Tianjin geological Academy, the Tianjin Institute of geothermal energy and the company “Tianjin Min-Chi Science and Technology” was approved by the Ministry of science and technology of PRC.  Thus, the work planned under the contract will be included in the financing plan for 2019 after compliance with Protocol formalities.

In the speech at the Ministry of science and technology of PRC Professor, Dr. so-called, Director of UkrSGRI S. Goshovsky noted that our enterprises have a long history of scientific and industrial relations and wished the advantages of each other in knowledge, specialists and financial resources for the development of science and prosperity of our countries to further use.