On December 18, 2018, during the visit of representatives of the UkrSGRI to China, there were held the consultations between UkrSGRI and REnergy Electric Tianjin LTD about the possibility of creating a joint international laboratory of innovative technologies on the basis of our Institute.

REnergy Electric Tianjin LTD is a company with a 50-year history of work in the field of renewable energy. Solar systems, wind generators, heat pump systems, as well as modern smart network management systems, both small and large power, developed by this company, provide clean energy to the whole world. The company has a great production and scientific potential. REnergy was created and worked for many years in the United States. Now the production facilities, research Institute and office moved to China. The company’s management is actively engaged in the search for innovative developments in the field of renewable energy and technology transfer.

We have known REnergy for several years. First consultations were online. Last year REnergy showed interest in the Autonomous system of heat generation based on the Stirling engine developed in the Department of innovative technologies. Publications on this topic were in specialized magazines of Ukraine and other countries. The patent for this development is received in Ukraine. And after the publication of the book “Heat of the Earth” this year (the authors are Sergey Goshovsky and Alexey Zuryan), which in detail describes the theoretical foundations of the design of heat pump systems, as well as a description of the Autonomous system of heat generation, the interest in Ukrainian developments has grown even more. The negotiations with the company were intensively conducted and ended with mutually beneficial proposals. During the visit, we received commercial proposals that are interesting to our Institute from the scientific and commercial sides.

An important aspect of the negotiations was the decision to establish an energy efficiency center and a joint research laboratory on the basis of the Institute, which will deal with scientific and engineering developments, as well as conduct continuous monitoring of the renewable energy market of Ukraine and the European Union. REnergy is interested in strengthening its position in the European market with our participation and consultations.

The Department of innovative technologies UkrSGRI has been long involved in renewable energy as we know this market. The staff of the Department is able to carry out marketing work. There were failures, there were achievements. The main thing is the experience. More than once the staff of the Department participated with their developments in exhibitions of innovative technologies in renewable energy. Independently conducted large scientific and marketing activities, which include the annual geological forum “Geoforum”. The Department has experience in this field, it consists of geologists, engineers, programmers, highly qualified scientists, who are the candidates of technical Sciences and doctors, and most importantly the Department is ready for interesting work. But we know that without the participation of other departments of the Institute to implement the plans will be difficult.

During the visit to China, we were able to get acquainted with the methodology and modern system of staging and implementation of scientific research and works. December 15, the delegation of UkrSGRI visited the plant for the production of solar panels and held mutual consultations at the research center of the company. The Chinese comrades have perceived information about the Institute, focus areas, challenges and problems with interest.

The work carried out during the last two years and the visit to PRC and it was completed by the cooperation agreement signed on December 19, 2018 between REnergy Electric Tianjin LTD and the UkrSGRI. This important document was signed by Sergey Goshovsky the Director of UkrSGRI and Wang Zhijie the Director of REnergy Electric Tianjin LTD. The project is planned to start in the first quarter of 2019.